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WebP Image Format-Complete Guide – Next Gen Format

WebP Image

WebP is an interesting feature introduced by Google 5 years back. If you are a web developer or a web designer this feature will leave an impressive review on your mind.

These features allow one to use compressed images with the same quality as the original content.

However, there are many things that you need to learn before trying your hand on these features.

So here we bring to you a complete guide for using WebP image format.
But before we start with the guide let me give you a short highlight of its features.

WHAT WebP Image Format OFFERS?

  • It has the file extension .webp
  • They use a feature called lossy and lossless compression.
  • It supports animation
  • They are smaller than the JPEG format yet high in clarity.
  • They support lossless transparency.

Let us now look at the various ways for converting images to WebP format, saving and previewing these images.


There are many ways with which we can convert images to WebPage formats. Some of the ways are as follows.

1. Converting images by using Tools

There are many tools that offer features to convert your images into WebPage format. Some of the common tools for different operating systems are:

  • WebPonize for Mac
  • Webpconv for Windows operator
2. Converting images by using the command

If you are comfortable with being behind the command lines, then you can try formatting your images into Webpage format by busing commands.

If you wish to convert your JPEG or PNG files into WebP format you can use cwebp.
However, if you wish to convert your WebP images back to JPEG formats then you can use dwebp.
3. Converting Tools

There are many tools that you can install on your operating system for converting images into WebP formats.

However, if you do not want to install any particular application on your operator, you can search for an online converter.

Some examples of online convertor are:

  • Online-converter.com
  • Webp-convertor.com
  • Zamzar

You can google more options.

4. Photoshop Plugin

You can also save WebP images through photoshop by using the Photoshop plugin.

In case you have any doubts about whether they support Mac OS or not, then you can sit back and relax as it supports both windows and mac.

5. WebP supporting browsers

There are many browsers that still not support WebP. Thus, it makes it very important for you to know which browsers support the images.

Apparently, the following browsers support WebP images:

  • Chrome/ Chrome for iOS
  • Opera/Opera Mini

There have been no updates about Mozilla firefox and safari supporting these formats.

Now you already know about the various ways with which you can convert the regular JPEG or PNG images into WebP images. So, it is time for us to show you how these images can be previewed.

So let us move ahead with tips and tricks for previewing the images.


The images can be easily viewed on the browsers which support the WebP format. However, if you wish to preview them on your system, you will require some additional tools in your tool kit.

  • For people using Mac, you need to use WebPQuickLook to preview these images in WebP format. You need to use the Quick Look Function.
  • For people using windows operator, WebPCodec previews the images as a┬áthumbnail in file explorer. Here, both the equivalents that are the WebP and JPEG will be shown.
  • For operators like Windows Vista or 7 and 8, you can view the image under the WebP format in normal Windows Photos viewers.


Using WebP images on your website is a great idea for creating a more visually appealing website. It will provide a high-quality image without affecting your loading speed.

These images are the compressed forms of original images and thus will take up less space on your website.

It adds advantages over other compressed images, as other images reduce the quality of the image, but it allows the quality to remain undisturbed.

Thus, if you have a habit of uploading images, try your hand on these images for a better experience.

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