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[Solved] Remove Comment Form in WordPress Theme

Today i will be able to be serving to you on a way to remove comment type in WordPress Theme. Here we’ll learn varied ways of removing comment type in WordPress, to avoid wasting from spam bots.
You can command individuals from posting new comments victimisation the native WordPress Discussion settings but this doesn’t take away the comment type.

remove comment

Because of this, comment spam bots can still attempt to submit comments which can nettle some individuals. If you would like to utterly take away the comment type templet from posts and/or pages, you can. merely paste one amongst these PHP code snippets at the top of your kid themes functions.php file.

To hide comments on the particular page visit “WP-admin > Pages” and click on the “quick edit” link. you may see the “Allow Comments” checkbox


You can do identical within the Page/Post Adding/Editing interface. merely check the “Discussion” checkbox in Screen possibility – corresponding “Discussion” box can seem


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