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How to Secure WordPress Site from Hackers

Is your wordpress site secure?? Today we will guide you with steps that needs to be followed to Secure WordPress Site. The first place that hackers will try for when they want to hack your website is your WordPress Admin area. It is vulnerable to hacking no matter the type of platform you’re using. So below are some of the most important steps that needs to be followed:

1. Create Custom Login Links: The first step towards Secure WordPress Site is customizing the login links which is required to access the admin section. We will normally be using your website URL/wp-login.php or URL/wp-admin which is easily accessible to the hacker. well to make it unique and secure you can change the above url’s by using the plugins like Stealth Login or All in One WP Security which will be helping you in changing your website’s admin URL easily.

2. Use Strong Passwords:  Using strong passwords is quite necessary while using a wordpress website. The easiest way to hack a website is by cracking the login passwords. Most of the users try to use smaller passwords to remember but they are quite vulnerable as per the site security measures. The passwords needs to be created with atleast 8 characters and it will be more secure if you use special characters like (@!$%&*^) along with uppercase, lowercase characters, numbers in your passwords.

3. Limit Login Attempts: One of the trick that hackers use to crack a website’s password is by using a script to guess your password. This script will keep trying to log into your website multiple times. To prevent them from getting logged in or trying multiple attempts with a wrong password you can limit the login attempts. There are various plugins which can help you in doing the same.

By using iThemes Security plugin you can easily limit login attempts and same can also be done by using WP All in One Security plugin to Secure WordPress Site.

4. Add 2-Factor Authentication: You can easily improve your wordpress admin area security by adding the 2-Factor Authentication to your website login page. The 2-factor Authentication will require a user to provide either the given passwords or an answer to a secret question.

There is a plugin called WP Google Authenticator which is easy to configure with few clicks and setup 2-Factor Authentication on your website which helps to Secure WordPress Site.

5. Delete the Admin User Account: Most of the users have the habit of keeping the username as admin which helps the hackers to some extent as they can easily guess it. Try avoiding the username as admin and even the passwords as admin, if you see that the administrator account is already created in an existing website with the username as admin then create a new user with the administrative privileges by using a more secure username and once it is created, delete the user with the username as admin.

6. Protect Your wp-admin Directory: This directory is one of the most important in your wordpress website if this directory is attacked then it may harm your website very badly, it can also crash your complete website, so making it secure is needed. For doing this we can use a plugin called AskApache Password Protect this plugin will automatically generate .htpasswd file which will encrypt your chosen password and configure the correct security. Now you need to enter two passwords once when you access the wp-admin section and another when you access your wordpress login section.

7. Encrypt Data Using SSL: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates makes secure data transfers from browsers to servers. It is probably one of the best way to protect your wordpress website from hacking and malware attacks. This certificates makes very difficult for the hackers to breach the connection.

8. Monitor your Files Often: Monitoring your files on a regular basis can help you keeping your site away from malware and any other unwanted scripts in your files and folders. You can update all your wordpress files with secured permissions and also keep an eye on them  whenever you can spend some time to check if there are any changes taking place to your website’s files.

9. Back Up your Site Regularly: Even though you take the above steps it is quite necessary to take the backup of the files as there is no guarantee that your website is 100% secure even after taking the above steps. Backups are always better as we will always have a copy of our site and content no matter if unfortunate hack happens you can restore your work by restoring the backup files. It is better to be safe than sorry.

There are various plugins that helps you in keeping your backups with a one click and some are also available which will automatically backup your site upon the given time, where you need not to go and backup manually.

10. Use AntiVirus Protection: AntiVirus for WordPress is an effective wordpress plugin which helps in protecting your website against security attacks as well as spams. This plugin has various features which gives you the immediate results about the infected files on your website. This plugin is easy to configure and it will scan daily for the malware and infected files if any. The daily notification process is really helpful as it gives you the chance the check the issues immediately and fix them.

11. Keep your Software Up to Date: May it be your WordPress Version, Themes or Plugins that you have purchased or downloaded directly from the all needs to be updated as soon as the latest stable version is available. This can be considered as a vital part of WordPress security.

In Conclusion
Well, as discussed there is no guarantee that your website will be 100% secure but still by following the above steps you can improve your site’s safety measures and make Secure WordPress Site. With the above mentioned tips you can secure your website’s admin area and keep the hackers away. Most of the above mentioned plugins needs to be just installed once and they will do the rest without regular inputs from you.

All the best!!

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